zondag 24 september 2017

Complete King's Indian: 6 Noomen testsets

There are 6 new testsets made by Jeroen Noomen, about the King's Indian Defence. Jeroen's comments:

"I have completed my 6 testsets in the King's Indian and offer them as a free download below. The testsets are based on the series Kotronias on The King's Indian volume 1 through 5. I.e. the sets focus on the main lines given in these 5 books.

A short description of the 6 testsets:

* Noomen KI Fianchetto Systems 2017 => covers the systems in which white plays g2-g3;
* Noomen KI Mar del Plata Testsuite 2017 => covers the Mar del Plata main lines with 9.Ne1 and Taimanov's 9.Bd2;
* Noomen KI Mar del Plata II Testsuite 2017 => covers the Bayonet attack 9.b4 and 9.Nd2;
* Noomen KI Classical Systems 2017 => covers the Averbakh, Makogonov, Petrosian, Gligoric, Karpov and a few other systems;
* Noomen KI Samisch 2017 => covers the Samisch, focus is on the 6.Be3 c5 system (but the other systems are covered as well);
* Noomen KI Rare Lines 2017 => covers the Four Pawns attack, the Seirawan system, Smyslov-Inkiov system, 3.f3, Bg5 systems, h3 systems and a few others.

In my view the King's Indian is a great fighting opening; it is complicated, sometimes even murky and - most important - engines are often way too optimistic about white's chances".

Download linkComplete King's Indian

zaterdag 23 september 2017

Tournament book TCEC 9 superfinal

Free download: a tournament book containing all 100 games of the TCEC season 9 superfinal between Stockfish and Houdini:

TCEC 9 superfinal tournament book

The tenth edition of TCEC can be followed live here (start date probably in October 2017):