dinsdag 31 december 2019

Noomen LowDrawRate testset

Here is a new testset in PGN format from Jeroen Noomen:

Noomen_LowDrawRate_v1: 174 lines with a low draw probability in engine-engine matches

The 174 lines are taken from the TCEC 9 through TCEC 16 superfinal openingsets and promise the highest chance of a decisive result. Furthermore, the opening lines lead to enterprising, lively and interesting play.

With hardware becoming faster and faster and the top engines slowly but surely playing more perfectly, normal, riskless and solid opening lines will not do anymore. Especially in long time controls the chance is becoming bigger that the draw rate will creep towards 100%. The Noomen_LowDrawRate_v1 testset is designed to prevent such high draw rates.

Updates will be made available in the future. Not only TCEC superfinal lines will be added (after a superfinal has ended), but also other promising and enterprising lines.

The testset can be downloaded below:

Download Noomen_LowDrawRate_v1.pgn

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