vrijdag 31 mei 2019

TCEC 15 superfinal opening PGN available

Jeroen Noomen's TCEC 15 superfinal opening PGN is available for download:

TCEC 15 superfinal opening PGN

If you like to have all Jeroen's TCEC superfinal opening PGN's (TCEC 9 superfinal through TCEC 15 superfinal), use this link:

TCEC 9-15 superfinal openings

The TCEC 15 superfinal was played in May 2019 between Leela Chess Zero and Stockfish. The 100-game match ended in a 53.5-46.5 victory for Leela. All the 100 games of this match - without comments, main lines and evals - can be downloaded below:

TCEC 15_superfinal_Leela_vs_Stockfish

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