zaterdag 26 oktober 2019

Human Worldchampionship testsets

Jeroen Noomen's "Human worldchampionship testsets" has been updated. These are opening suites based on (almost) all human worldchampionships dating back to Lasker-Steinitz, up to Kramnik-Kasparov.

Latest additions:

  • Kasparov - Karpov  1987
  • Kasparov - Short  1993
  • Kasparov - Anand  1995
  • Kramnik - Kasparov  2000

You can download all these testsets below:

dinsdag 15 oktober 2019

TCEC 16 superfinal opening PGN available

The TCEC 16 superfinal was played between Stockfish and AllieStein. After 100 games Stockfish was victorious, winning 54,5-45,5.

The opening PGN of this superfinal, with the 50 selected lines by Jeroen Noomen, is now available for download:

TCEC 16 opening PGN

For previous superfinal opening PGN's (seasons 9-15) see: