woensdag 19 juli 2017

5 new Noomen testsets for engine-engine testing

There are five new Noomen testsets available for engine-engine testing. A short description and a download link below:

"In the past few weeks and months I have made 5 new testsuites for engine-engine testing. Here is a short description:

  • Noomen KI Mar del Plata 2017:  50 positions from the King's Indian Mar del Plata variation, a very complicated line that leads to very interesting play and a lower draw rate compared to classical opening lines. This testsuite covers the 9.Ne1 main line and the 9.Bd2 Taimanov variation.
  • Noomen KI Mar del Plata II 2017: 50 positions from the King's Indian Mar del Plata variation, in this testsuite the 9.Nd2 line and the 9.b4 Bayonet attack are covered.
  • Noomen Ruy Lopez Testsuite 2017: 50 positions from the Ruy Lopez, covering all topical lines in the Ruy: Marshall gambit, Chigorin, Zaitsev, Berlin Wall, Delayed Steinitz and so forth.
  • Noomen Slav Testsuite 2017: 50 positions from the Slav Defence, one of the most popular opening lines in engine matches. All important lines are covered in the set, f.e. the Moscow gambit, the anti-Moscow, the Botwinnik variation, the classical Slav, the Bronstein variation and so on.
  • UltraShort Lines: tired of all those long book lines? Then this testsuite might be for you. It has 50 positions with a minimum of theory, ranging from 1 ply to 6 plies. From that point the engines are on their own. Find out how they play the most important opening lines by themselves, without having book moves available.
Jeroen Noomen, July 2017"

Download link:  Five new Noomen testsets

If you are interested in all Noomen testsets, then you can download them using the following download link:

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