zaterdag 27 augustus 2016

Testsuites for engine-engine testing

Dear computer chess fans!

In this first posting I offer you a wide variety of test suites for engine-engine testing. These files can be used in chess GUI's like Arena or ChessBase.

A small overview:

  • Gambit Lines => these sets only play gambit openings
  • Nunn => the famous sets made by IGM John Nunn
  • World championship matches => sets based on famous human WC matches
  • Opening special => sets based on a single opening, i.e. Sicilian or King's Indian
  • Short and side lines => sets that play short opening lines or side lines (i.e. not main lines)
  • Noomen Testsuites => the test suites made and published by Jeroen Noomen
Test suites for engine-engine testing

Enjoy testing!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Hello,

    the license of your book files is not clear to me.
    I made a polyglot opening book from `Noomen Gambit Lines 2015`.
    Is it allowed to redistribute the book.bin?
    I develop an open source chess program for blind chess players.

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Michael, you can use all the material posted on this blog as you wish. It is free for everyone!

    2. Sorry, i forgot to ask for ProDeo from Can i use it, too?

    3. You mean the Noomen.ctg book? Of course you can make a polyglot book of this, but please name that book "Noomen.bin" or something similar.

    4. No, i am not able to convert ctg to polyglot.

      I meant ProDeo from - let me quote:


      We converted the ancient (2000/1) REBEL (ProDeo) book to polyglot format. While old it is still a Noomen book and thus good."